Email Template: Recurring Giving Announcement

Need help knowing what to share with donors now that you’re onboarded with DonorSecure? Check out our email template for announcing your recurring giving program. You can use our magic links throughout the email to reduce friction and improve the experience for the donor — they are already populated with the amounts and ready to go. If you need to make an announcement about a change of platform to your existing recurring donors, here’s a template for that.

Email Template


We’re more excited than ever to do our work. We need your help.

With the release of our recurring giving program, we would like you to participate.

As we focus on our impact and helping those we serve, recurring giving has become a vital part of that strategy. A monthly giving program stabilizes our cashflow. This means we can be more thoughtful with our spending and make well planned financial decisions.

Consider joining our monthly giving program at one of the following amounts:

  • Give $200 monthly {{ADD CLICKABLE URL}}
  • Give $100 monthly {{ADD CLICKABLE URL}}
  • Give $50 monthly {{ADD CLICKABLE URL}}

Every dollar helps us {{BRIEF STATEMENT OF IMPACT}}

Our goal is to reach $10,000 in recurring contributions over the next three months. We hope you join us.

PS, Feel free to reply if you’d like to learn more.