How to Leverage DonorSecure Mailers For More Donations

DonorSecure is not a CRM or an email marketing Tool. There are plenty of those solutions, and many are excellent. DonorSecure is a ‘scalpel’ focused on providing the optimal donation experience for nonprofits and supporters. 

Our system sends a handful of emails we’ve deemed essential to the donation experience. These ‘transaction’ emails are about donor experience, not marketing.

We only cover the emails that align with our three goals: increasing the number of donations, increasing the amount of each donation, and converting more one-time donations into recurring commitments.

We send transaction emails at the following moments:

  • New Donation Charged
  • Donation Abandonment
  • Donation Refund
  • Donation Upgrade
  • New Subscription Creation
  • Subscription Activation
  • Subscription Card Expired
  • Subscription Charge Failed
  • Subscription Complete
  • New teams

Every organization can customize, enable, and disable these emails.

New Donation Charged

We send an email every time a donor gets a charge. When dealing with money, there should be no surprises.

Donation Abandonment

One of the key benefits to our 2-step donation process is Donation Abandonment. Suppose a donor completes Step one but doesn’t enter their payment method, we follow-up via email. This subtle message leads to 5-10% of donors recurring to their donation and completing the process.

Donation Refund

Donors are alerted when the money returns to their card. Our system allows full and partial refunds. Donors receive an email each time a refund is issued.

Donation Upgrade Prompt

For donors who have given once, we invite them to convert their donation into a recurring gift.

New Subscription Creation

A subscription is a recurring donation. We provide donors with an email confirmation when they create a subscription to make sure they aren’t surprised next month when their card gets billed again.

Subscription Activate

We make sure donors are aware when the subscription is ‘turned back on’ after deactivation.

Subscription Charge Fail

Cards fail to charge all the time. Most often, it is due to cancellation or expiration. If an organization isn’t careful, their entire program will churn simply due to cards becoming invalid. When we detect a card is about to expire, or a charge wasn’t successful, we notify the donor and allow them access to place a new card on file.

Subscription Complete

Allowing donors to try a few months of recurring giving is a strategy to prompt more recurring commitments. When a subscription has been fulfilled and won’t be billed again, we notify the donor in hopes they will reactivate their subscription or create a new monthly commitment.

Team updates

Team is our term for fundraising campaigns. Supporters who create a team are notified about their goal and given access to their public fundraising page. They also gain access to a dashboard where they can monitor their impact over their team’s life.


If we missed a mailer you’d like to trigger, let us know. If you’d like to send emails for non-essential triggers, you can always connect DonorSecure to your email marketing tool. Let us know if you need help.

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