“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Funding is the lifeblood of nonprofit. Our team at New Story, a global housing nonprofit, has felt the struggle first-hand. We have funded programs of all shapes and sizes. From the 3D home printer to our data collection […]

DonorSecure is not a CRM or an email marketing Tool. There are plenty of those solutions, and many are excellent. DonorSecure is a ‘scalpel’ focused on providing the optimal donation experience for nonprofits and supporters.  Our system sends a handful of emails we’ve deemed essential to the donation experience. These ‘transaction’ emails are about donor experience, not […]

If you already have a recurring program, we put together a DonorSecure announcement template for you. A quick email to your active recurring donors with more details about the change will show transparency and appreciation for their support. Check out our email template for announcing your switch to DonorSecure. If you need to make an […]

Need help knowing what to share with donors now that you’re onboarded with DonorSecure? Check out our email template for announcing your recurring giving program. You can use our magic links throughout the email to reduce friction and improve the experience for the donor — they are already populated with the amounts and ready to […]

An excellent user experience is hard work. In the nonprofit world, the journey there is even more challenging. Nonprofits are trading money for products and services. We accept donations in exchange for impact. It’s meaningful but less transparent. For-profit businesses have team members, vendors, and customers. Most nonprofits have those roles, plus donors, volunteers, and […]

There are dozens of tools to accomplish any job within an organization—hundreds of ways to solve any problem. Technology is incredibly powerful, but it can also be very complicated. With so many options, how do we choose? The decisions are endless and can lead to paralysis. Our team relies on a helpful mental model when […]

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