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More than a fundraising tool...

  • Increase number of Donations
  • Grow amount of each Donation
  • Build recurring giving

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Increase the number of donations

Simplicity is key to converting more donors. We go light on features to focus more attention on effectiveness. We don't "do it all", but what we do is best in class.

We have three goals.

  1. Increase number of Donations
  2. Grow amount of each Donation
  3. Build recurring giving

Grow the amount of each donation

Larger donation amounts are no accident. Thoughtful prompts and a quality experience are part of upgrading donors to larger amounts. In the end, donors should increase their gift, convert from one-time to recurring, and invites other to do the same.

  1. Fast and Easy
  2. Track Growth
  3. Branded to Match You
  4. Donors Manage Themselves

Build a Thriving Recurring Giving Program

Having a strong recurring giving program is becoming more essential than ever. It improves a nonprofits ability to forecast and pursue larger opportunities.

Whether you are debating a recurring program or already have one underway, we've built our tool recurring-first.

Recurring-first makes us unique and highly valued by those who care about recurring revenue.

Lots of Unlimited

Our commitment to a simple experience extends to you as well as your donors.

  • Unlimited Donors
  • Unlimited Donations
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Recurring Donations
  • Unlimited Campaigns (Crowdfunding Teams)
  • Unlimited Users from your organization

We don't waste time capping your potential. As your organization grows, you don't suffer. As you need more team members, it costs nothing extra.


We keep pricing clear, honest, and simple.

Our pricing is transparent and simple. There are no strings attached and no hidden fees.

100% Free

All credit cards are processed via your Stripe Account.
We charge no monthly fee. We don't take a percentage of donations.
We just 'split the tip'.

Donor gives $100,
you keep $92.

Donor gives $100,
you keep $100!

We're a nonprofit, solving our own needs for a better form of online giving. We give it away because we're focused on impact over profit.

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Not convinced?

Here are a list features you can enjoy.

  • Crowdfunding Pages
  • Recurring Giving
  • Referral Links
  • Stripe Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • API Endpoints
  • Import Anything
  • Export Everything
  • Magic Links
  • Fastest Donate Experience
  • Donor Dashboards
  • Update Cards on Subscriptions
  • Update Amount on Subscriptions
  • Update Charge Date on Subscriptions
  • Activity Tracking
  • Customizable Content
  • Brand Configurations
  • 'Add a tip' Option

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