Increase donations for your nonprofit

DonorSecure optimizes your donation flow to capture more recurring donors. It’s fast. It’s easy. Oh yeah, and it’s FREE.


Why does it exist?

We want to provide a better donation experience for nonprofits, at no cost.

How does it work?

Nonprofits pay nothing. Yup, you will never be charged by us. If a donor covers the costs, we ‘split the tip.’

Higher Conversions

Increase the number of donations

Simplicity is key to converting more donors. Our core product remains focused to serve both you and your donors.

We have three goals:

  1. Increase number of donations
  2. Grow amount of each donation
  3. Enable recurring giving
Grow the amount of each donation

Larger donation amounts are no accident. Thoughtful prompts and a quality donor experience are part of upgrading them to more significant donations. In the end, donors should increase their gift, convert from one-time to recurring, and invites others to do the same.

  1. Fast and Easy
  2. Track Growth
  3. Branded to Match You
  4. Donors Manage Themselves

Your questions, answered.

Which payment processors do you support?

We use Stripe. It’s easy to use, low fees, and no monthly costs. ACH and Paypal are in the works and coming soon.

How much does it cost?

Nonprofits pay nothing. Yup, you will never be charged by us. If a donor gives extra, we ‘split the tip’.

Can you handle crowdfunding?

Absolutely. Our fundraising technology has helped our own team at New Story Charity raise millions. Whether you’re tracking a promotional campaign or enlisting the help of your audience through teamss, our crowdfunding tool helps track the progress of everything.

How many team members are allowed access?

All of them. We don’t charge per seat or per transaction. We grow with you, without increase cost to your organization.

Build a Recurring Program

Having a strong recurring giving program is becoming more essential than ever. It improves a nonprofit’s ability to forecast runway and pursue large projects.

Recurring-first makes us unique and highly valued by those who care about recurring revenue.

Recurring-first for small nonprofits. Generating less than $1 million per year? If you are considering a recurring program, we have the only tool built for “recurring-first.”
You need user-friendly tools. Tired of complicated dashboards that your team struggles to use and quickly abandons?
Increasing impact. With increased funding comes more opportunities to impact your aid recipients.
Safe and Secure

Transparent Pricing

Your organization pays nothing. Grow your nonprofit without limits and do the work that matters. We’ve all got more important things to worry about.

You Pay Nothing
Free and Unlimited

Nonprofits pay nothing. We split the tip when donors choose to cover fees.

$0 /forever
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